Starting with why.

I believe that everyone has the choice to live a comfortable and fulfilling life.  We/I/you aren’t forced to do anything in fact, unless someone is twisting our arm, we choose to do everything.  Once I accepted this fact I realized that I am where I am from the result of my own choices.  Harnessing that belief, I believe I can create the life I desire and influence others to do the same by tracking their finances and planning for the future.

I started Earning Paper as a 23-year-old college graduate after attending Western Washington University studying Business Supply Chain Management. My intention is to document my finances from day 1 of my professional career as I work toward financial independence.  Already I was used to living on minimal paper so by increasing my lifestyle slightly above top-ramen and inexpensive beer has allowed me to do the things that excite me while saving for the future.

What excites me? Here’s a few things:

  • Friends/family/love
  • Learning new things
  • Travel/adventure
  • Staying healthy
  • Getting outside of my comfort zone
  • And see pictures below
Here’s where I started my career
March 1, 2016
Salary: $55,000
Supply Chain Specialist
B.S. Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management


I like doing things like this:

Follow along as I  track and plan my finances from earning a paper degree to Earning Paper.

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